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Adorable Custom Onesie Ideas Perfect for a Baby Shower

If there’s one thing any expectant parent needs, it’s baby clothes and lots of them. You could always pick out a basic onesie straight off the rack, sure, but where’s the fun in that? Customized apparel is an awesome way to add a personalized touch to your next baby shower gift. And thanks to Hometown Apparel’s vast selection of customized apparel and Create-Your-Own Design Tool, it’s easier than ever to bring your cutest design ideas to life. Here are some adorable baby onesie ideas to get you inspired!

Showcase their hometown pride

Want to gift the new baby in your life a piece of home from the very beginning? Go with a cute onesie that reps their hometown on the front! We’ve got adorable baby onesie designs for over 30,000 hometowns and counting in our database in sizes from newborn to 1 year. Whether mom and dad are from a major metro or a tiny village, you’re sure to find a unique design that’s totally their style. It’s both a thoughtful gift for a new baby, and an ideal way for parents to share their hometown pride! 

Go with a fun nickname

Here’s another adorable custom onesie idea for parents who haven’t picked out a name yet. Tons of parents choose to call their little one by a cute nickname while they’re still in the womb, like “peanut” or “bean”. If you’ve noticed that the expectant mom and dad have a special nickname for their little one, why not have it printed on a onesie? It’s a thoughtful way to show how much you care about their family and their new little one. Plus, think how cute little “peanut” will look in a custom onesie with their nickname on it!

Keep Calm and Carry On

We’ve all seen the classic “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters and T-shirts. It’s become a pop-culture staple with tons of people putting their spin on the concept over the years. Why not create your own version of this classic design for a new baby to be? 

Cute baby-centric ideas for a onesie include “Keep calm and carry me”, or “keep calm and call mom”. But don’t be afraid to think outside the box either. You could also come up with a unique “keep calm” onesie idea based on one parent’s hobby or inside joke. It’s sure to bring a smile to their face every time they see their little one wearing it!

Give a matching set for siblings

Looking for a unique baby shower gift for parents expecting a second or third baby? Throw in a matching T-shirt for older kids to go along with the baby onesie! Hometown Apparel has clothing options for toddlers and older kids featuring the same designs as our baby onesies, so you can put together a matching set with our pre-made designs. If you’re looking for something a little more custom, use the design tool to add some extra personalization. Matching “big brother/little brother” or “big sister/little sister” combo-sets? Yes, please! 

Add an image

Our create-your-own design tool can handle more than just text and clip-art. We can also print photos on your baby onesies for an extra layer of customization. And after all, what’s more personal than a picture? Print a onesie with the baby’s first sonogram, so mom and dad can cherish how fast they’ve grown. Or print a family photo of both parents or older siblings with a “my family loves me” caption. Ask the expectant parents for a photo you can use with their blessing, or choose a pic from their social media page for a total surprise.

Go festive for the holidays

Is baby expected to arrive around a holiday? Why not give a festive onesie in honor of the occasion? Design a custom onesie with eggs and pastel bunnies for Easter, bold orange pumpkins and spooky cats for Halloween, or bright red and green presents for Christmas. You can add another layer of personalization by making it a “baby’s first” onesie complete with custom dates or their initials.

Make them yourself with Hometown Apparel

We hope this has given you some cute gift ideas perfect for your friends and family! Remember that whether you want to go with a pre-made design or create something totally from scratch, Hometown Apparel has tons of options for you. The hardest part is settling on just one design.

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