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How To Choose The Perfect T-Shirt

When you’re creating a custom t-shirt, you want to be sure that you get exactly what you want! That’s why we offer multiple versions for t-shirts for our customers to choose from. So, which one is right for you? The answer will vary for everyone, but we’ll lay out information about each shirt so you can choose which one you’ll like best. Whether you like soft, heavy, a vintage feel, or more, you’ll find it in our t-shirt collection! We refer to our three t-shirt options as Basic, Classic, and Premium. Though the price points vary depending on what you choose, all three t-shirts are high-quality. The best shirt for you is the one that you’ll enjoy the most! Read all about our best t-shirts from Hometown Apparel below:

The Basic T-Shirt

Our basic t-shirt at Hometown Apparel is a soft, lightweight, medium cotton. This is the perfect shirt for someone who likes a light t-shirt. If you’re in a hot climate, this could be the perfect choice. It’s breathable, lightweight, and soft, but it will still hold up in the wash! In our case, a light shirt does not equal a cheap shirt. This is a shirt that will hold up beautifully, and it’s perfect for rolling up the sleeves, tucking into shorts or jeans, or wearing over a swimsuit. It comes in solid colors, antique colors, and heather colors. The solid colors are 100% cotton, and the antique colors and heather colors are a cotton polyester blend. Our basic tee is a bit more form-fitting around the shoulders than our other options, so if you want a looser fit, opt for a size up!

Who Should Order The Basic T-Shirt

  • Those living in warmer climates
  • Anyone who prefers lightweight shirts
  • Those who enjoy a soft feel on their skin

The Classic T-Shirt

If you would rather have a shirt that feels a bit heavier, our classic t-shirt could be the one for you. Though we still offer that great softness with the classic tee, you’ll find it heavier than our basic tee, and a touch less soft. This is good for those who may reside in cooler climates, or those who prefer to have a heavier shirt. It’s a medium-weight pre-shrunk cotton shirt that comes in solid colors and heathered colors. The heather colors are a cotton polyester mix, and the solid colors are 100% cotton. Order true to size for the perfect fit.

Who Should Order The Classic T-Shirt

  • Those living in cooler climates
  • Anyone who prefers a heartier t-shirt
  • Most popular amongst men and older individuals

The Premium T-Shirt

Let’s say you want it all – heavyweight cotton, tons of softness, and a wonderful fit. If so, check out our premium t-shirt! This is a cotton polyester or cotton viscose blend depending on the color of shirt you choose. If you want to lounge around all day, this is the shirt to do it in. You will love how comfortable and soft this shirt is, but it doesn’t have the tightness or lightness that come with our basic and classic tees. Though it’s also our highest priced shirt, it’s one that will be passed on with love! Printing on this shirt is also top of the line. All designs look that much better when printed on the premium tee.

Who Should Order The Premium T-Shirt

  • Those who want the top of the line shirt
  • Anyone who wants a heavy but soft shirt
  • Those who want a looser fit

How Do I Know Which Size To Order?

We know that ordering online can be scary, which is why at Hometown Apparel, we offer free exchanges. All returns get donated to the Salvation Army or Clothes for Kids. We want our customers to be happy, and we also want to reduce our carbon footprint, which is why we love donating! Order true to size based on our sizing charts, but if you end up choosing the wrong size, rest assured that we’ll be there to help each step of the way.

Order Your Hometown’s Design With Hometown Apparel

No matter what state or city you live in, you can get your favorite designs on any of our t-shirts. All three of our t-shirts are wonderful choices, and your preferences will determine which one will be right for you. With plenty of colors to choose from, you’ll be sure to find your favorite in all three shirts!

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